Year: 2015

Bethany Association Meets

“Hear, O Daughter . . . Listen to Me” was the theme of the Bethany Association Conference held in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, in August of this year to seek the Lord together and worship him.

The Household Experience

Men’s households and women’s households, situated all around Metro Manila, ran for two weeks in mid-May, just before Kairos Alive. Six households, with just under 100 participants all told. The households had a big effect on their participants and on Kairos Alive. Wayne Soares from Mumbai, India (in the photo, upper row, 5th from the left), gives a sense of the experience (at least for the guys).

Kairos Arise – God Did Things

Kairos Arise was a life-changer for many, many people. Eric from Bangalore, India, and Sandra from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, are just two examples. They pick up on some of the key phrases of the week.

Kairos Arise! Asia 2015!

At the Asian youth conference there were changed lives, radical life decisions, deepened discipleship – and a lot of fun!

Take Me Higher Up – Men Being Accountable to God

Highlights of the Recent Men’s Weekend Conference in the Auckland Branch of Lamb of God Community in New Zealand

Meeting the Challenge of Personal Prayer

Prayer can revolutionize your life. It gives strength to the weak, wisdom to the fool, joy to the sorrowful, and comfort to the oppressed. Most importantly, it gives us a living relationship with God.

A Medical Mission to the Poor in Nicaragua

Medical staff and translators volunteer to serve in one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.

God Wants to Work Powerfully in Mission

University students hear how God’s power is available to help them bring people to Christ