Year: 2015

The Name Jesus

Jesus. The name of our Lord and of my Order [The Society of Jesus] shall be the first word I write in the New Year. The name stands for all the things I desire when I pray, believe and hope; for inner and outer redemption; for relaxation of all the selfish tensions and limitations I place in the way of the free dialogue with God, all the barriers to voluntary partnership and surrender without reserve: and for a speedy release from these horrible fetters. The whole situation is so palpably unjust; things I have neither done nor even known about are keeping me here in prison. “

God Alone Suffices

This year now ending leaves behind it a rich legacy of tasks and we must seriously consider how to tackle them. Above all else one thing is necessary religious minded people must become more devout; their dedication must be extended and intensified.

True Happiness

– By Alfred Delp.  What actually is happiness, true happiness! Philosophers have defined it as contentment with one’s lot. That definition may fit certain aspects of the happy state but it certainly does not describe true happiness. If it did how could I possibly be happy in my present circumstances? As a matter of fact we […]

The People of Advent

Never have I entered on Advent so vitally and intensely alert as I am now.