Month: August 2016

Meditating on God’s Word

Don Schwager, editor of the Daily Scripture Readings and Meditations, provides an example of how to drink in the words of the Lord, and gives us an opportunity to consider our own inner disposition.

The Dalej Conference – Arise and Build!

Organized by Kairos in the Europe and Middle East Region of the Sword of the Spirit, Dalej brought together young people from across Europe and the world. Some 480 people of 40 nationalities gathered in H20 conference centre in the Polish town of Kiczyce 23-28 July.

Only Live Armies Win Battles: Pastoral Priorities in a Secular Age

How can pastoral leaders and pastoral workers help Christians stay alive spiritually as Christians in an increasingly hostile culture? Steve Clark, a leader in the Sword of the Spirit, considers pastoral priorities in a secular age.