Wellington, NZ, 16 – 18 April  –  Around 47 young people from Auckland, Christchurch, Napier, and Wellington, New Zealand, and from Sydney, Australia, attended the Youth Camp called BLAST 2016, hosted by the Lamb of God Community in New Zealand. BLAST stands for Believe, Live and Share the Truth. It was the biggest BLAST weekend so far – and the young people were very excited and enthusiastic to come and pray and spend time together. There were significant numbers of first timers, notably the teens from God’s Light Community in Sydney.

The three talks, entitled “Limitless, Measureless and Ceaseless,” “Infinitely Beyond Human Understanding,” and “God’s Goodness – Mindful of Man” were aimed to be meditative, helping people to get to know more about the characteristics of God, rather than to respond with specific actions. Many of the participants thoroughly enjoyed the talks.

As usual, there were praise and worship,  games and sports activities, and singing and jamming sessions. A good number of the praise and worship leaders were leading for the first time, and they did a fabulous job. Many of those who came experienced God in the night rally in a very real way.

4Here are some comments from participants:

“The talks were so good in explaining such complex things and they were very easy to understand.”

“My OMG [Our Mighty God] moment was the night rally ministry time, as it was really blessed and Spirit-filled. I felt everyone gave their all… People genuinely wanted prayer…”

“What I like about these camps, apart from the talks and the praise and worship, is seeing all you guys… who have the same faith and it is a real blessing…”2

“The talk about God goodness hit me…I always take good things for granted and when bad things happen, that’s when I seek God because I needed help…”

“… You could really feel God’s presence in your life during the camp.”

“I found this BLAST weekend a life-changing experience especially last night during praying over; I could really feel the presence of God…”

“Each talk helped me as I go back to school…things are really confusing. The talks helped me really understand things and stand up for my faith…”

“Mark’s talk struck me… science explains the how but faith explains the why…”

“Last night was the first time I really opened up to God and got prayer…”3

“It was very encouraging see the passion of the youth, to see everyone taking responsibility in leading worship and being part of the music ministry…”

“My OMG moment was the sharing time…”

“My highlight was hanging out with the Australian [brothers and sisters]… it means a lot to us with you travelling all the way here. You made our camp so much richer.”

“We want to thank the Wellington branch and it’s great to experience the different side of community. Their hospitality was amazing. Thank you very much! Thanks for the food!”


Adapted from the May 2016 Lamb of God Chronicle, used with permission.