What is it?
“Crushing The Serpent’s Head: Christ’s Victory and Ours” is a seven-part teaching series on the work of Christ for the season of the 40 Days.

Many of us know that Christ came to overcome sin and death but we may not understand the full scope and beauty of how he does that or how we participate in this victory.

This series will not only address the work of Christ but also look at how we are partakers in that work. It is intended to provide personal spiritual nourishment in a manner accessible for all.

How it works?
Each week you will have access to a short, lively talk as well as a brief reading from classic and contemporary Christian sources. You will also receive questions to foster personal reflection and application of the teaching. These questions and the course content can be used individually, on the commute to work, or you may want to go through the material together in your small group.

Who will be the teacher?
Some of our most gifted teachers will present the material: John Yocum, Dan Keating, Jon Wilson, Martin Steinbereithner, Mike Shaughnessy.

When will I receive it?
The first part of the series will be available on Monday, February 19 and the last one will be available on Monday, April 2.

Ok, I want it. 
You can register here.
If I have any questions?
If you have any questions, or are having trouble with the registration, please contact Tim Ong crushingtheserpentshead@gmail.com