On 1st September of 2016, four brothers made their lifelong commitments to the Servants of the Word. For the occasion, all the brothers from the U.S.A. gathered in Detroit, together with family and a few other guests.

The four men (left to right, in the photo) are Malaquias Garcia from Mexico, Miguel Vargas from Costa Rica, Rodrigo Sett from Guatemala, and Tadhg Lynch from Ireland. Each of these men spent four years in formation before making their first full commitment. After living for at least three years as committed brothers they were invited to make a solemn, lifelong commitment.

Malaquias works in university evangelism in Monterrey, Mexico, Miguel serves in San Jose, Costa Rica, as a teacher and youth worker. Rodrigo lives in the same house and works in university evangelism. Tadhg lives in Belfast and works with university-age people both locally and in the wider Europe and Middle East Region.

For the commitment ceremony and celebration, the fathers and brothers of those making their commitments were invited. The men’s fathers were able to attend, as well as Miguel’s brother and Tadhg’s two brothers. The brotherhood are very conscious that if a man makes a radical decision to follow the Lord, a foundation of character has already been laid by his parents.

The formal commitment ceremony was followed by a festive meal and entertainment provided by members of the brotherhood.

Let us pray for these men as they begin their lifelong membership in the Servants of the Word, and let us pray for God’s ongoing work in calling men to the brotherhood’s life and mission.


Adapted from Living Bulwark, December/January 2016, used with permission. © The Servants of the Word