University Christian Outreach (UCO) at the University of Maryland has seen the Lord work powerfully in the past year. At the beginning of the academic year, we had more staff in attendance than students, which was humbling. As the year progressed more and more students started coming consistently to events. These students then began to bring their friends as well!

Two events that had a huge impact on our students were the Fan into Flame Retreat hosted by UCO Grand Rapids, MI, USA, and Urban Encounter, in Detroit. We had such a large response for both of these trips that we had to rent 12-passenger vans in order to accommodate our growing numbers. Several of our students experienced being baptized in the Holy Spirit at Fan Into Flame. One student reported that she experienced more spiritual growth from that retreat than during the past two years participating in various other Christian groups. Another of our students had a powerful experience of the Lord this past year. He had never received water baptism and decided that that was something he wanted to pursue. He will be baptized this autumn.

Urban Encounter changed several of our students after witnessing the poverty in Detroit. They were shocked to meet people who had survived horrible, abusive and dangerous situations yet who had so much hope in God. Our students quickly realized that they were extremely blessed. They were amazed and called on by the level of faith these people had. After that trip, there was a distinct attitude change and spiritual growth in our prayer meetings.