‘-  By Juan José Lopez M.

God, who in his infinite love has summoned us from the beginning of time has called us again to serve him and to live with him and to be filled with him the the formation household. From the 6th to the 13th of February several brothers from Managua, Masaya, Carazo and even from Costa Rica and Honduras responded to this call to live community. The household was lead by 3 Servants of the Word brothers who visited us from Costa Rica.

A formation household is a time where a group of young men live together to be more intensely formed in different aspects: 1) Relationship with God through learning how to pray, worship, intercede and study the Word of God; 2) Character formation through teaching about men’s role in church and community; as well as exercising, waking up early, cooking and more; and 3) Learning to serve others by organizing events for the young people in the community. In brief, a formation household is an intense experience of community life with the objective of developing a deeper love for community life.

We lived a full week of offering everything to the Lord. With the joy and strength that young people have we were light and we also brought light in the outreach we did in the ‘Universidad Centroamericana’ (Managua). We shared over the meal times and the recreational times; we were opened to the grace in the prayer times and we learned more about the power of being young and being a body with Jesus as the head. We also did a Bible study of the letter to the Ephesians; we played sports every day: running, baseball and even American Football to be in tune for the Super Bowl. We hosted a young men’s night for all the community, an event with the community’s youth programs, a training retreat for staff leaders of the various outreaches of the community and a character retreat for men and women of the community.

Glory to God forever. 


Juan José Lopez is a young member of the Ciudad de Dios Community in Managua, Nicaragua. Photo courtesy of Kairos Iberoamerica © 2017