The North American Region’s University Christian Outreach (UCO) Winter Retreat  occurs every other year. This January it was held at Michindoh Conference Center in Hillsdale, Michigan. Over 180 people attended, including students from as far as Maryland, Florida and California.

The retreat theme was Into the Deep, inspired by the passage from Matthew 14 when Jesus calls Peter to step out of the boat to walk on the water with him. The Lord powerfully spoke to UCO students and staffers alike as God extended an invitation to each to offer their lives more fully to him.UCO III

Nisha Seebachab, a second-year student from Maryland, said: “The retreat was amazing and gave me much-needed energy. What stood out to me was the amazing people who became instant brothers and sisters. Surrounding myself with students who are serving God with their whole heart made the experience all the more substantial for me.”


Nico Angleys, the executive director of UCO said: “This was the best regional retreat we’ve had in years.” It is large-scale events like this that enable students to feel connected to something bigger than their individual UCO chapters and meet other young people who are striving to live for the Lord.




Adapted from the April 2016 issue of North American Regional News, used with permission