A testimony from a student from Belfast at the Kairos Weekend 2018 in Belgium

–  by Robyn Dorsett

The Kairos weekend was well timed. The end of January/beginning of February is a busy time for UCO outreaches and I have to admit that, initially, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the interruption of travelling to another country, taking time from local events and relationships and gathering with 105 other young people from different groups in Leuven, Belgium. Soon after my arrival at the La Foresta Conference Centre however, upon gathering for dinner, the act of striking up conversations with others shifted my focus from myself and my thoughts onto the lives of other people – young people – who had gathered from places like Belfast, London, Lisbon, Munich, Poland and everywhere in between to learn how God had brought them to the weekend.

The theme of the weekend was ‘Kingdom Come’ and it was apt. God is bringing his kingdom on earth and amazingly he is finding young people to do it. Being in an atmosphere of passionate, expectant faith with people from all over the world who wish to follow the Lord with their entire body, heart and mind was incredible. A friend told me not to consider myself as a lowly youth but to tell God ‘here I am, use me’ and this was clearly expressed at the Kairos Weekend. The young people engaging in worship were, as one speaker called it, joining with the angels in heaven.

The women’s session on worship was the most poignant for me. A young woman shared her testimony and used it to shed light on the young women of the New Testament. She highlighted how they were ordinary, lowly and broken people who told God ‘here I am’, resulting in their lives being permanently altered. In serving God through our UCO outreaches, I believe this is the sentiment shared by all. Jesus came for all of his creation, and his work inspires our work. He demonstrates that it is more blessed to give than to receive. I really loved leading a young women’s small group, checking up on people and finding ways to ensure they were engaging with activities at the weekend.

The prayer meeting was particularly striking, as I prayed with women who I had only just met. The vulnerability in small group times helped to build sisterhood, which was bolstered in praying for these young women. Receiving prayer from my sisters was also very powerful. I believe I received the spiritual gift of wisdom and was able to carry this home as a souvenir of the weekend.


Robyn studies English Literature at Queens University Belfast and combines her time in the library with being a volunteer student missionary with UCO Belfast.

Robyn with other participants from UCO Belfast