In November, 100 senior women leaders from communities all over the North American Region gathered at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in Detroit, Michigan, for a 4-day conference. The theme for the conference was Made for Mission. General conference sessions included a report by Paul Dinolfo, the regional president, on what the Lord is saying to us, a presentation on “The Youth Bridge” – how to help young people move into adulthood with a strong faith in Christ,  “What We (as women) Have to Offer,” and “Loving the Lord.”

Women's Retreat IISeveral workshops were offered: mutual care in women’s groups, women in community building, discerning spiritual gifts, helping people make decisions, spiritual warfare, and a special workshop for Kairos leaders. The regional senior women leaders conference is held  every four years.




Adapted from the April 2016 issue of North American Regional News, used with permission