The Holy Spirit has been on the move among the members of the People of Hope over the past two years in the area of introducing people to Christ. During that time, we have been able to reach out to many families attending our school, Koinonia Academy, as well as members of parishes in the surrounding dioceses. We have sponsored many different events designed for inviting people to new life in Christ: Life in the Spirit Seminars, Marriage in the Spirit Retreats, pot luck dinners, and picnics (photo below) and games with families. Getting people together in these settings has provided great opportunities for our members to witness to their own faith in Christ. With frequent one-on-one follow-up, hearts are being moved to seek after ‘the more’ of what God might have for them and take a look at the People of Hope.

At present, there are 15 couples moving forward towards a deeper Christian faith and a stronger relationship with the community. We have scheduled several events for the coming academic year as well, with the hope that each event will continue to open doors to meeting new people, as well as deepening the relationships that have already been built. To God be the glory!


From the North American Region Newsletter, autumn 2016. Used with permission.