A New Prayer App based on the iPray App

Prayer can revolutionize your life. It gives strength to the weak, wisdom to the fool, joy to the sorrowful, and comfort to the oppressed. Most importantly, it gives us a living relationship with God.

Unfortunately, most youth and many adults struggle to have consistent and effective personal prayer. We know we should pray but we regularly fail to do it. Not knowing how, we never start. Sometimes we struggle because we are distracted by other things.

Although we set apart 15 minutes to pray, we spend it mostly flitting from one thought to another. We set apart the time – but we just don’t pray much. Sometimes we are just bored by doing the same thing over and over, so we quit before we begin!

What is Pray by Day?
Pray by Day helps you Start, Strengthen and Sustain a daily prayer habit.

Watch a video about Pray by Day on Facebook or below:

Where can you download it?
Get the app here: 

·         iOS (iPhone/iPad)

·         Android (virtually all other smart phones)

Why a prayer app?
We in the Sword of the Sword of the Spirit have rich music culture, and a focus on daily personal prayer and scripture reading. What if there was a way to easily offer that to the wider Christian people? What if we could get our music and teaching “out there”? 

That’s what Pray by Day can do. It takes you through a 15 min prayer time complete with a reflection on scripture, music, and time to give thanks and intercede. It’s also customizable so people can add their own intercessions or switch out the songs and best of all, it’s free! 

Who might like this?

  1. People who are trying to start a habit of personal prayer
  2. People who have one, but are looking to strengthen and sustain it
  3. And it’s just worth saying, this app could work really well for commuters
  4. People who like our music – we keep adding more songs (for example, John Hughes’ songs) and there will be more coming
  5. Eventually, we want people to “graduate” from using the app. We hope it will give them a pattern of prayer that they can continue using even after they’re done with the app!

How can you help?
Here’s three ways you can help:

1)    Tell your friends about this awesome app!

2)    Help us gain an online presence

a)    Like us on Facebook,

b)    Re-share the videos we post, especially this video.

c)    Leave a review for the app (iOS, Android)

3)    Pray for the success of the project. It’s only fitting to pray for the success of a prayer app!

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