Nicaragua is going through an unprecedented violent episode that is a byproduct of a socio-political crisis that exploded on the 18th of April of 2018 and continues to this day leaving 300 dead, 2.000 wounded, an undetermined number of people imprisoned and hundreds of people leaving the country in a massive exodus.

During the past few weeks the situation has been particularly difficult for the Catholic Church, which has been target of violent attacks because of its posture in favour of national dialogue and pointing out the government and para-government forces as responsible for the violence in the country. Some of the attacks have occurred against the Catholic bishops of Nicaragua, military siege of parishes where protesters were taking refuge as well as the desecration of Catholic churches.

These facts have affected all aspects of life in Nicaragua. Our community life is no exception although our activities have been maintained in a moderate way with the priority to pray and intercede for peace in Nicaragua and specially for our church, our pastors and taking care of our brethren.

At this stage, the communities of the Sword of the Spirit in our country have witnessed the Lord’s protection. There are 5 Sword of the Spirit communities in Nicaragua and, up until now we haven’t experienced any loss of life, although there have been some cases of material damages. The brothers and sisters who have been affected by the violence have experienced a deep peace in the midst of this calamity which has been evident in the sectors of Masaya and Carazo, two of the most affected cities.

The Catholic Church started a intensive time of prayer and fasting for the peace of Nicaragua starting on the 15th of July and up until the 15th of August.

We ask that the believers around the world, and specially the Sword of the Spirit join in this Nicaraguan cause, for the cessation of violence and the establishment of God’s Kingdom in Nicaragua. We are very thankful for all the support and solidarity from our brothers and sisters in the Sword of the Spirit. We are counting on your prayers.

For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual hosts of wickedness.”