by Juan C. Aragón

In the last month we have witnessed the immense power of nature and its effects in human society. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and violent earthquake in Mexico are only a few examples of this.

The Sword of the Spirit communities in the regions affected by these have provided a brief report of their situation.

Hurricane Harvey was the wettest hurricane to hit the United States. It touched ground in the State of Texas and its resulting floods inundated hundreds of thousands of homes and displaced more than 30,000 people. However, our two communities “Familia de Dios” in Mission TX and “Families for Christ” in Dallas TX were not seriously affected by the storm.

On the night of the 7th of September, there was a very strong earthquake in Oaxaca – a city in the south of Mexico. It was the most powerful to hit the country in a century and it killed at least 61 people. There are 10 Sword of the Spirit communities in Mexico, and none of them have reported any damages or serious consequences from this disaster.

Hurricane Irma was a very powerful storm which moved through the Caribbean and entered the United States as a “Category 5” hurricane. Our communities ‘Muralla de Dios’ in Puerto Rico and ‘Cuerpo de Cristo’ in the Dominican Republic reported a lot of rain but no human or physical damage. This hurricane was at its strongest state when it passed through Miami FL. The community of ‘La Nueva Jerusalén’ reported that all families are fine, nobody suffered any physical damage and their property was also kept from the disaster as the storm was diverted into the west coast.

There were some heavy rains in various parts of India and some floods were predicted. Thankfully the rain was not as strong and there was not so much of a disaster.

In recent days another hurricane has formed (a very strong one) in the Caribbean and has passed through Puerto Rico, probably striking the Dominican Republic and Florida again. Let’s pray for protection for people in these places.

On the 19th of September another severe earthquake of 7.1 degrees struck Mexico City and affected the surrounding areas. Many lives have been lost. We continue to pray for protection for all people in Mexico. We have relationship with a group in Mexico City and they reported to be safe after the earthquake. Likewise the Sion Community in Cuernavaca MX reported no damage from the disaster.

We have seen God’s protection very clearly in response to our prayers and we are thankful that our communities have been protected from these disasters. Our prayers are with all those who were affected and have lost everything. May the Lord be with them and protect them and comfort them in these times of tribulation.

Juan C. Aragón is a member of the Arbol de Vida Community in San José, Costa Rica. He currently serves as the editor of the Sword of the Spirit Website.