Celebrating 45 Years of Brotherhood Life

Last year (2016) was the Servants of the Word‘s 45th anniversary as a brotherhood. The brothers in the North American region celebrated the event in September. Some 300 friends joined the brothers at their center near Chelsea MI, USA, with an evening of prayer, reminiscing, sharing, and thanksgiving (see links below).

The Servants of the Word began 45 years ago when a few men made their first commitment to live single for the Lord. Covenant community had just begun among university students in Michigan and elsewhere, and while some community members got married, others felt strongly called to live a celibate life for God and his people. Since those beginnings the brotherhood has grown to 130 men (including affiliates) living in 13 houses around the world – In the Philippines, England, Northern Ireland, the US.A., Costa Rica and Mexico.
The Servants of the Word are a member community of the Sword of the Spirit, but as they say, their life and their mission are fully entwined with the life and mission of the Sword of the Spirit and with the individual communities where they have their houses.

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