Men’s households and women’s households, situated all around Metro Manila, ran for two weeks in mid-May, just before Kairos Arise. Six households, with just under 100 participants all told. The households had a big effect on their participants and on Kairos Alive. Wayne Soares from Mumbai, India (in the photo, upper row, 5th from the left), gives a sense of the experience (at least for the guys).

(An excerpt from his poem,”How Great Is Our God”)

…Morning came, and early did we rise
Preparing our own breakfast, came to us as a surprise
We chopped, we cut, we baked and spread
All a task, as some of us mentally refused to leave our bed

Together we prayed and praised Him above
To send His Holy Spirit upon us like a dove
Apprehensive at first, we tried to pray aloud
Soon it caught up, and our praises turned into songs of shout

Came the day of chores, and cringed did we
For at home, our parents did everything for free
Cleaning toilets, and, washing the floor
Humbling was the experience, and the enjoyment began to show

A brotherhood we shared, a love that grew
Trips we made, and mountains we scaled anew
We needed each other, to reach the top
But with God at our side, who can ever make us stop?

On to Kairos Arise, and 750 worshipping souls
Our Faith knew new limits, to Him did we extol
A common love, a common commitment, to Him we gave
For God sent His only son, for us to Save…