There is a new door to mission opening among our Kairos alumni.


Edult: those transitioning from adolescence to adulthood,  A.k.a. twentysomethings or emerging adults.

Although we have had outreaches to edults before, there have not been many. In the past few years we have seen them begin in Grand Rapids, Kansas City, Ann Arbor, St. Paul, Maryland, Lansing, Boston, and Houston in the U.S., as well as in Vancouver, Canada, and Monterrey and Mexicali, Mexico. Some have grown quickly. Some are only finding their feet. New ones are beginning this spring.

On January 16-18, 2015, Kairos and the Sword of the Spirit hosted the Legacy Conference in Ypsilanti MI, USA, for nearly 130 edults from ten different countries. The average age was 26.

The conference focused on how God has acted and continues to act on us individually and as a people.

Dan Keating spoke on scouting out the land, using Joshua and Caleb as examples of the boldness needed to enter into the new territory the Lord is opening to us.

Mike Shaughnessy reviewed how the Lord has guided us through prophecy: the call to be a people, abulwark of communities bound by covenant in the days of trial are upon us, to be the Sword of the Spirit, to endure testing and receive grace, and lately, to go through the open door for mission,especially one he is opening among young people.

Ryan O’Hara’s theme on Saturday night was choosing greatness not comfort, especially by accepting God’s will when it disagrees with yours. Sunday was devoted to hearing how the new outreaches began.


Used with permission, Kairos Youth Culture Newsletter, February 2015.