August/September 2009 - Vol. 32
The early church fathers recognized the significance of the fatherhood of God and explained how the Scriptures proclaim our new nature as the adopted sons and daughters of God. Clink on links to read the intro and quotes from the fathers. 
Introduction by Don Schwager

Commentary on God the Father
» I believe in God the Father, by Augustine of Hippo
» God is Father, by Cyril of Jerusalem
» The Foundation Stone of the Soul, by Cyril of Jerusalem
» The Privilege and Responsibility of Calling God Father, by Cyril of Alexandria

Commentary on the Lord's Prayer 
» Our Father, by Gregory of Nyssa
» Who art in Heaven, by Gregory of Nyssa
» Hallowed by thy Name, by Origen
» Thy Kingdom Come, by Origen
» Thy will be done, by Origen
» Give us our daily bread, by Gregory of Nyssa
» Forgive us our trespasses, by Cassian
» And lead us not into temptation, by Origen
» But deliver us from evil, by Cyprian of Carthage

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