August/September 2013 - Vol. 69

Scenes from the Bible - new art series by David Kurani

Moses and the Burning Bush, watercolor, 62x46 cms, by David Kurani

For many years, I found it challenging to paint biblically themed pictures. Aside from the reverence I felt towards the subjects, there was the matter of so many past masterpieces that did it so well. Lately, I have become more open to it, and a technical point seemed to encourage me in that direction too. The medium of watercolor is good at soft edges: useful for weather effects and therefore for light; so why not for supernatural light?

Elijah and Elisha, 46x62 cms, by David Kurani.
How does one paint glory? Light seems like a natural way. The lights in our world here can suggest what heavenly light would look like if we could see it. Through art, we can paint light – differently from a camera.

The body positions in these paintings are meant to express emotions; kneeling for reverence, leaping for exhilaration, upraised arms for worship. 

Five Foolish Virgins, pastel on black paper, 27x35 cms, by David Kurani
We’re all in the middle of a story. History could be called “My-story” (but not quite “mystery”, since we know what the end is.) The story of the five foolish virgins is one Jesus narrated. Here art conveys the absence of light. The poor girls are in the dark (aren’t we all, sometimes?), and together – which is a comfort. It’s only a small comfort, knowing the group of girls grips a guide who gropes (and gripes too, probably). Their situation is sad, but not completely; at least they have each other to hold on to. There’s always comfort in community.

David Kurani is a noted Lebanese landscape artist. He teaches classes in art and theater at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. David has exhibited widely in art galleries and private collections throughout Lebanon, Europe, and the USA. He and his wife Gisele are active members of the People of God in Lebanon, a member community of the Sword of the Spirit. 

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