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   In every age the Lord calls men and women to follow him, to put aside concern for their own lives, and trusting fully in his grace, to give themselves generously in his service. We, along with many Protestant and Orthodox brothers and sisters, have heard the call of God, a call to serve him and his people in this age, a time of trial and challenge for the church, a time of spiritual warfare, a time when he is pouring out his Spirit to renew, restore, and unify his people.

      In response to this call, we as Catholics who belong to the Sword of the Spirit have formed Christ the King Association so that we, living in communities, fellowships and movements in many nations and cultures, might more effectively join together in support of the mission we have been given, and so that we might effectively and responsibly work together with brothers and sisters from other churches who have received this same call and mission.

 by Marianne Kantert

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