‘-  by Juan C. Aragón

The Arbol de Vida community – in San Jose, Costa Rica – is celebrating its 40th anniversary of living in covenant community y they have not fallen short in celebration. As has been the custom at the big anniversaries they have planned a full year of celebration.

The games were enjoyed by everyone

This celebration began in January, when we had our community day-trip in the outskirts of the city and was lead by our children. It was a time to strengthen our brotherly bonds, to pray together, to share, play and eat as a community.

A highlight of the event was the games organised by the children and their leaders and in which members from all ages took part and enjoyed a very pleasant time.

At the end of the event there was a talent show with several informal presentations.


Three finalists in one of the categories

A few months later, on the first of April, we had something that had been very traditional in the early days but had been lost most recently: a costume party. We gathered at the community centre and spent the whole afternoon sharing, taking photographs and we even held a tight competition for the best costumes for each category. There were categories like real life people, fictional characters, superheroes and villains, religious or biblical characters, and also for couples and families.

We will continue to celebrate in the upcoming months because we know how to celebrate!


Juan C. Aragón is a member of the Arbol de Vida community in San Jose, Costa Rica.