– by David Dolsen

About a year ago I landed in Manila, halfway around the world, for a mission year: I was very much out of my depth, yet with a clear realization that my closest relationship was with the Lord Jesus: a pretty remarkable realization. How did I get there?

It all started while I still was in Saline High School in Michigan, only about 20 minutes south of here. I got involved in a group called “Ten for Men” and amongst ourselves we often spoke about how we wanted to live a truly great life, and it was with that ideal that we graduated. For college, I found myself at the University of Michigan where I met a lot of people who were living for many things, but not for God.

Toward the end of my freshman year I joined University Christian Outreach (UCO) and through it I got involved in a summer household program. I got to live with men like Nico Angleys, Joseph Matthias and Tadhg Lynch and very quickly I realized: “These are men who are actually doing this, really living all out for God.” As I got to know them better, I noticed that they were all living single for the Lord, which for me as a Lutheran was not something I had much of a category for.

But over time the question took hold of me: might this be what I am supposed to do with my life? Maybe I should consider this calling? So as a result I decided to spend a year in a brotherhood house in the Philippines, and now I am working with many of the Servants of the Word on staff with UCO in Michigan. I am very excited about where this journey is taking me, a journey toward true greatness.


Adapted from Living Bulwark, December/January 2016, used with permission. © The Servants of the Word