We have produced a short video series highlighting many of our resources. Watch it here and follow the links to find all of them:

The Sword of the Spirit Website is:
Interactive Map:
Lord’s Day Celebration:
Personal Study Resources:
Leaders Portal:
Voiceover credits: Erika Lee

Our main website is:
Living Bulwark: https://livingbulwark.net/
Daily Scripture: https://dailyscripture.net/
Grandly: https://grandly.org/
Worship Website: https://worship.swordofthespirit.net/
Servants of the Word: https://www.servantsoftheword.org/
Bethany Association: http://www.bethanyassociation.org/
Voiceover credits: Erika Lee

To purchase these books, follow the following links:
The Old Testament in the Light of the New (Steve Clark): here
Redeemer (Steve Clark): here
Finding New Life in the Spirit (Steve Clark): here
Man and Woman in Christ (Steve Clark): here
Catholics and the Eucharist (Steve Clark): here
Life in the Spirit Seminar for Children (Jerry Munk: here
The Adventure of Discipleship (Dan Keating): here
Memoirs of an Unfinished Tale (Mark Whitters): here
The Strategic Grandparent (Mike Shaughessy): here
Voiceover credits: Erika Lee

Find our music and worship here:
Worship Website: https://worship.swordofthespirit.net
Sword of the Spirit Worship on Spotify: here
SPO Worship on Spotify: here
Servants of the Word on Spotify: here
The Brotherhood of Hope on Spotify: here
Voiceover credits: Erika Lee

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