Month: July 2016

A Dubliner at the International Coordinators Meeting

Over the last 12 years the Lord has spoken strongly to the Sword of the Spirit about an open door for mission and a special season of grace, especially for the young people in Sword of the Spirit. Given the increasing difficulties and challenges which Christians face around the world – religious persecution, drift from Christian morality, and breakdown of marriage and family life – there has been a growing sense of urgency among Sword of the Spirit leaders to work more closely together internationally to strengthen the work of building Christian communities and preparing community members to be fully engaged in mission.

Steps of Faith: Sowing Seeds of Good News

Back in 2007 when I was serving as director for Koinonia, one of our Kairos evangelistic outreaches for university students, I had an opportunity to speak with a guy who was beginning a period of missionary work with a local church in London. He was 23 and eager to begin his work with students.

European Communities Football Tournament Munich – May 2016

The European Sword of the Spirit Football Tournament has been running since its inception in 1992 and remains one of the highlights of the year (if not the highlight) for many throughout the region. It’s an event unlike any other, filled with football (obviously), fellowship, banter, prayer, brotherhood and community.

Called for These Times – The People of God community in Beirut

When the People of God community first began in Lebanon, its members did not know they were about to be plunged into a civil war that would decimate their country and threaten their lives. The encouragement they received from other Christian communities made it possible for the members of this community to stay in Lebanon and survive the 15-year war, helping to maintain hope and vision for the future. Now the community is playing an important role in revitalization of the local Catholic and Orthodox churches.