Month: August 2018

From Glory to Glory: a new teaching series is available

We see in our lives some continued shortcomings or sin and wonder how the transformative power of Christ is actually being manifested. “From Glory to Glory: Transformation in Christ” is a four-part teaching series on God’s transformative work in our lives.

Youth on Fire: Successful Youth Conference in Fiji

Some 85-90 young people, 20 of whom were from Samabula Gospel Chapel gathered for a 3-day conference at Albert Park, Suva, Fiji organised by the Patmos Christian Community in partnership with the Lamb of God Christian Community, New Zealand.

Some Elements of Discipleship in Christian Community

This article covers some elements of Christian discipleship, the ones that I have chosen to highlight in an effort to give a “snapshot of discipleship” in our approaches. There are other approaches and we know that there are many disciples of Christ in congregations, parishes and groups around us. We think that our approach has something to offer the broader church, and we continue to learn and refine.

Abide in me: a very grace-filled event

This last 23rdto 26thof July, the North Zone of Kairos Ibero-America lived a very graceful and spiritually igniting event. Almost 450 people from all ages and 13 different communities of Mexico, the Caribbean and the United States were gathered in the city of Tampico.