Month: December 2015

Meet The 2015-2016 Mission Volunteers

As the GAP Base in Glasgow has developed in the past year to provide service and training opportunities, another programme has been growing as well: the Mission Year. A Mission Year focuses the energy and talents of young graduates to serve as Mission Volunteers in local outreaches and programmes.

Local Update: UCO Bielsko, Poland

Bielsko-Biała is not a big city or a typical student city, but for some reason God has chosen this place to build a quickly-growing student group rooted in a Christian community called City on a Hill – a meaningful name as Bielsko is located at the foot of the Beskid Mountains.

Introducing Student Volunteer Leadership Training

In August 2015, around 50 student volunteers from across Europe arrived in Belfast for the SVLT conference, a week to be equipped for our mission in university outreach. The week was all about vision

Homeward Bound: But Where Are We Headed?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about “home” – the place for which we long, and believe that if we reach, we’ll finally be satisfied – our heart’s destination.