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The Old Testament in the Light of the New: New book by Steve Clark

The most recent book by Steve Clark seeks to answer the question: How are Christians supposed to read the Old Testament? Can we really make use of this part of the Scripture, and if so how?

Nicaragua: more than 90 days of protests

Nicaragua is going through an unprecedented violent episode that is a byproduct of a socio-political crisis that exploded on the 18th of April of 2018 and continues to this day leaving a trace of 300 dead, 2.000 wounded, an undetermined number of people imprisoned and hundreds of people leaving the country in a massive exodus.

Standing in the Gap: Dublin (Video)

A video from the ‘Gappers’ who spent the 2017-2018 period in Dublin.

Report of the International Assembly 2018

A report of the International Assembly that took place in May, 2018 in Portugal.

Rising from its ashes, Emmanuel proclaims that its hope is only in God

Our brothers and sisters in Emmanuel from their part have been busy sharing the message of repentance and abundant new life to all who would hear, proclaiming that salvation comes only through Christ’s death and resurrection. As a result, many have heard the proclamation of the good news and turned their lives around in response.

Pray by Day: Meeting the Challenge of Personal Prayer

We in the Sword of the Sword of the Spirit have rich music culture, and a focus on daily personal prayer and scripture reading. What if there was a way to easily offer that to the wider Christian people? What if we could get our music and teaching “out there”?

Feast Or Famine?

Sometimes I hear people complain about the work they have to do in preparing a celebration – the decoration, the cooking – but this is part of the real feast! It gives you all the more joy if at the end of all the work you can sit down and look around and say (like God did): behold, it is very good.

The Summer in Mission’s Imprint

I had the opportunity to participate in Summer in Mission 2018 and I can witness to the conversion stories, the fruit of this program in the Central-American zone, the comprehensive formation and of the community life in the Sword of the Spirit.

An Unearthly Delight

Sometimes I hear God best in surprises. Seemingly unrelated circumstances suddenly unite, and their merger stirs something in my heart.

The plant is mine

The Pequeña Israel Community springs up from a personal call of the Lord in 1986, when in a Fellowship Retreat the Lord gives a word to Fermin Iglesias that says: “The plant is mine”.