Month: February 2020

A Time of Storm – A Time of Faith

Let us reflect on Jesus’ words to Peter, his first representative on earth, when, on a stormy night, and frightened by the violence of the wind and the waves, the old fisherman, the rock of Christ’s church, has faltered and is sinking: “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

The Spiritual Meaning of Fasting

Some of the Old Testament background, spiritual dimensions and a few practical guidelines about the practice of fasting.

Having a Mindset of Gratitude to God

As Christians, what mindset should we have? It should be based on gratitude to God. God could not have made us. But out of His opulent love for us, He created us, hoping that we would love Him back.

God Smiled

I would like to share briefly with you about my most recent ecumenical experience in the National Congress “Pray Together for Mexico”.