Month: May 2021

God wants every Christian to be filled with the Holy Spirit

Every Christian receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit

The free gift of the Holy Spirit is the result of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven where he reigns with the Father in glory. The Father poured out the Holy Spirit upon the first disciples of Jesus on the Feast of Pentecost (Acts 2). Jesus told his disciples that anyone who asks the […]

Preparing Children for a Spirit-filled Life

Life in the Spirit Seminar for Children

“You will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. This promise is for you. It is also for your children”. Acts 2:38-39  Grace for Spirit-filled family life  The whole of the Christian life can be summed up in one word: grace. Grace is God’s undeserved gifts, which He pours into our life each and every […]

The Fire of the Holy Spirit

Fire of the Holy Spirit

The Scriptures present us with a variety of visible images which signify the presence and action of the Holy Spirit. These signs include wind, fire, breath, and rivers of living waters. Signs of fire in Scripture signify in a special way God’s holy presence, power, and glory, as well as the purification and cleansing action […]

Celebrating Pentecost

As charismatic christians, Pentecost is a feast we celebrate with special importance. Read some article about this feast to understand it better and to learn how and why we celebrate Pentecost.

How can I pray for the situation in India?

– Edited from a report by Romeo Fernando What is the current situation in India? The covid-19 situation is escalating to unprecedented levels across our country. It is expected to remain that way for some time. Not only are the Covid positive cases growing – compared to the first wave, the fatalities are alarmingly higher. In […]

Praying for Colombia

– by Juan C. Aragón The country of Colombia is going through a very critical situation because of a violent conflict between the armed forces and the protesters. It all began as a manifestation from the working sector to object a new tax-reform being proposed by the government. It was said that such reform would […]