Month: April 2019

Covenant Community: A Wonderful Life

This wonderful life is a covenant life. Our way of life is described in our community covenant and it becomes reality as we are faithful to it.

The Power of Faith

The power of faith is enormous. It is so great that it not only saves the believer: thanks to one person’s faith others are saved also.

Pursuing Holiness in an Unholy World

Have you ever wondered why it is not easy to be a Christian nowadays? One big reason is that we live in an unholy world.

We conquer the enemy by conquering ourselves

They began to discipline themselves and to conquer the desires of the flesh in order to be able to conquer their opponents.

The devil’s strategy

The devil demonstrates simultaneously his weakness and his wickedness.

The devil does not have full power

Among the angelic powers the chief of the terrestrial order, the one to whom God had entrusted the task of looking after the earth, was not evil by nature, he had not received any trace of evil from his Creator.