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The Spiritual Meaning of Fasting

Some of the Old Testament background, spiritual dimensions and a few practical guidelines about the practice of fasting.

We conquer the enemy by conquering ourselves

They began to discipline themselves and to conquer the desires of the flesh in order to be able to conquer their opponents.

The devil’s strategy

The devil demonstrates simultaneously his weakness and his wickedness.

The devil does not have full power

Among the angelic powers the chief of the terrestrial order, the one to whom God had entrusted the task of looking after the earth, was not evil by nature, he had not received any trace of evil from his Creator.

The Lavish Love of the Prodigal Father

Jesus’ story of the father and his two sons is the longest and most moving parable in the Gospels. What is the main point or focus of the story?

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me

The Cross symbolizes the life of an apostle of Christ. It brings a strength and a truth that delights both soul and body, though sometimes it is hard, and one can feel the weight.”

Focus For Fasting

Fasting helps remind us of our higher calling to serve and worship Jesus Christ. A helpful approach taking practices from the Greek Orthodox Church.

True Holiness

The holiness we seek does not consist of human perfection or strength of will, but God’s grace.

Dead Weight

How much dead weight do you carry around in your spiritual journey? Wouldn’t you prefer to run towards heaven with a lesser dead weight?