Category: Advent & Christmas

Watching, Waiting and All That Jazz

Advent is a season of watching, of waiting, of meditating on what it means for us as Christians to be prepared.

Maranatha! – Come, Lord Jesus!

The expression “Maranatha!” was a key watchword and prayer among the early Christians. Many Christians today use this expression during the Advent season.

Praising the Names of Jesus

It is especially in the final week of Advent that our attention is fixed on the messianic promises proclaimed by the ancient prophets of Israel.

The Gift of the Magi

This story is like a parable – it illustrates common everyday images and characters and weaves a story with a surprising ending. It is a story of unselfish love which is like the gifts given by the three wise men, called the Magi, who were led by a star to Bethlehem.

Jesus: a portrait of humility

Who is more helpless than a newborn child? Yet Jesus did not hesitate to share in our humanity, and his birth was only the first manifestation of his humility

God in Bethlehem’s Cave

What wonder! What mystery! God, who is eternal, unchanging, and unsearchable, becomes visible, vulnerable, weak and helpless as a Jewish infant, born of a virgin without human conception

Nativity Sermon

Bethlehem this day resembles heaven: hearing from the stars the singing of angelic voices and enfolding within itself the Sun of Righteousness. And ask not how; for where God wills, the order of nature yields.

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Every year as the Christmas season comes around, we hear a great deal about the real meaning of Christmas. But it is not always clear just what that real meaning is.

When Heaven Explodes With Color

Advent is the season in which the Christian people focus on the return of the Messiah and the day he comes again in glory. This is the day when the “age to come” will finally be here and the saints will enter into heavenly life: “We await our blessed hope, the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13).