The Sword of the Spirit Logo

You can download it here in 4 versions: colored with or without background and a black or a white version each with no background.

Read an in-depth description of our logo in 2D and 3D versions here.

If you want the Sword of the Spirit Logo in another language, contact us.

Solid blue logo with transparent background
Black logo with transparent background
White logo with transparent background

The Sword of the Spirit World Map

This is a map produced every few years that shows where all the member communities of the Sword of the Spirit are located.

You can download it for poster or projection. Choose the file below that suits your needs.

Map in A2 Format
Map in ANSI Format
Map for Web and Display

The Sword of the Spirit Brochure

You can find both a printable and a web version of the brochure that explains who we are as The Sword of the Spirit.

If you want the Sword of the Spirit Brochure in another language, contact us.

Brochure in A4 Format
Brochure in Letter Format
Brochure in Digital Format

The Life in the Spirit Seminar Manual

The Charismatic Renewal brings a vibrant experience of the Holy Spirit to millions of Christians worldwide. Central to this movement is the Life in the Spirit Seminar. This team manual provides step-by-step instructions for the seminars: how to set up the team, how to have discussion groups, how to follow up with participants during and after the seminars. The manual includes detailed outlines for each talk and helpful instructions for the speaker. There is an Ecumenical version and a Catholic version.

There is a Youtube Talk Series. And you can also download the materials from the links below.

Life in the Spirit Seminars (Ecumenical): here

Life in the Spirit Seminars (Catholic): here