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Brotherhood of Hope: Celebrating 40 Years of Faithfulness

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the Brotherhood of Hope! God’s grace and the strength of the Holy Spirit has grown our Brotherhood from a few laymen and our founder, Fr. Philip, to a flourishing community of 25 consecrated religious Brothers, 18 of whom are perpetually vowed. 

Detroit Community Outreach – Community on the Rise

Several dozen are gathered behind the sanctuary of Southwest Detroit’s Messiah Church, and the energy is palpable. Today, Detroit Community Outreach (DCO) launches its third round of commitments as a community.

The Servants of the Lord Community in Singapore

The Servants of the Lord Community in Singapore started when a group of young graduates from the University of Michigan returned to Singapore after finishing their studies.

Jesus the Good Shepherd: 22nd Anniversary Celebrations

Jesus the Good Shepherd Community celebrated its 22nd Anniversary with great joy. From a small group of 4 couples, the community has now grown to nearly 45 adults, 11 youth and 25 children.

Rising from its ashes, Emmanuel proclaims that its hope is only in God

Our brothers and sisters in Emmanuel from their part have been busy sharing the message of repentance and abundant new life to all who would hear, proclaiming that salvation comes only through Christ’s death and resurrection. As a result, many have heard the proclamation of the good news and turned their lives around in response.

Pequeña Israel – The plant is mine

The Pequeña Israel Community springs up from a personal call of the Lord in 1986, when in a Fellowship Retreat the Lord gives a word to Fermin Iglesias that says: “The plant is mine”.

The Brotherhood of Hope: Reconnecting With Our Roots

The Brotherhood of Hope is a community of Catholic Brothers radically consecrated to Jesus by vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience in a common fraternal life.

“God does not elect the excellent but brings the elect to excellence”

Just like the endurance of Khachkars,(made of stone found all across Asia Minor) the faithfulness of Emmanuel community is demonstrated in this article.

Good News from Aleppo

The brothers and sisters from Emmanuel Community in Aleppo Syria just finished a long-awaited retreat in the first week of June where they came upon a renewed commitment to the vision and mission they have from the Lord. There are about 60 people in the core community. Earlier this month an additional 19 made their commitment to join this core group.