What it is: In this time of grace that the Lord has granted us in the Sword of the Spirit, in this time when he is opening doors of mission, we clearly see that the work is far greater than our means. The budgets of each region are stretched, and still missionary opportunities beckon. In response to these circumstances, the Sword of the Spirit International Assembly authorized the establishment of an Endowment Fund to help us to press on vigorously with the mission the Lord has given us.

How it works: The Lord has abundantly blessed some community members financially. The coordinators of all the member communities in the Sword of the Spirit have been asked to consider which people might have the resources to give a substantial amount – at least US$10,000 – to the Endowment Fund. It is a high calling. We would like the fund to be at least $1,000,000, wisely invested in a varied portfolio, so that the interest income alone could provide for mission work.

It is worth noting here that the idea of creating an endowment fund is in line with sound financial practices applied by not-for-profit institutions, and adopted to secure their continuity and growth. This fund is managed by a small team under the President of the Sword of the Spirit, using an appropriate and sound investment policy, along with a transparent reporting system to the International Executive Council of the Sword of the Spirit.

What it helps to achieve: There are groups in many places who would like to join us. In Africa, where there are no Sword of the Spirit communities, community members especially from Europe and India are working together to get to know interested groups and build relationships – offering the wisdom about building Christian community that the Lord has shown us over the years.  Opportunities have also opened up in the South Pacific where we are in contact with several groups interested in being closely associated with us. And then, of course, there is the rapid expansion in the Middle East and in the vast fields of opportunity at universities around the world.

These ventures require the ongoing work of individuals and teams – members of the Sword of the Spirit – and the basics of food and lodging, and especially of air fare. Frequent contact is required: one time visits do not do a good job of building up or knitting people together. And these are not pleasant holiday trips indulged in by the light-hearted. They engage some of our most responsible and pastorally gifted brothers and sisters in meeting with individuals and groups, giving talks, and often doing manual labor as an expression of solidarity with the people we’re getting to know.

Donate to the fund: In order to fulfil the mission that the Lord has entrusted us with, we need faith, prayer, vision, and also dedicated men and women of God who are generous with their time, talents, and money. Over the past decade many people have stepped forward to make a contribution of $10,000 or more to the Endowment Fund – over and above their normal responsibility of tithe and outreach, of course – and to date we have raised nearly $1,000,000.

Contact us: The Sword of the Spirit mission is the mission of all of its members.  If the Lord is inviting or prompting you to consider generously donating to this Mission Endowment Fund, if at this time of your life, in this time of grace, you have the conviction to give beyond your tithes and current outreach contributions to support the international mission, contact us and we will connect you with Jean Barbara, the President of the Sword of the Spirit.

If you need further clarifications before you make your decision contact us.