We believe that being well acquainted with the Scriptures is a tremendous aid to personal prayer. Over many years we have developed teaching on the New Testament and the Old Testament. Most of these courses are given by brothers in the Servants of the Word. These resources are available to all members of the Sword of the Spirit. You can download them or listen to them online by following the links below.

New Testament Commentaries
Course & Speaker  Sound Quality  Total Length
Matthew (Steve Clark, 1987)Fair25h 00m (31 talks, 30-60 min each)
Mark (Dan Keating & Joseph Mathias, 2018)Excellent8h 32m (16 talks, 30 min each)
Luke – Long Version (Steve Clark, 1987)Good21h 12m (33 talks, 30-45 min each)
Luke – Short Version (Steve Clark, 1987)Fair8h 17m (11 talks, 30-60 min each)
John (Steve Clark, 1994)Fair19h 38m (18 talks, 45-90 min each)
Acts – Paul’s Ministry (John Keating, 1987)Fair4h 35m (8 talks, 25-40 min each)
Romans (Dan Keating, 2005)Excellent11h 36m (18 talks, 30-45 min each)
1 Corinthians (Steve Clark, 2011) Excellent15h 24m (18 talks, 45-60 min each)
Galatians (Steve Clark, 1992)Good10h 31m (16 talks, 30-45 min each)
Ephesians (Steve Clark, 1995)Good5h 14m (9 talks, 25-40 min each)
Philippians (Mark Kinzer, 1990)Good3h 1m (4 talks, 30-60 min each)
Colossians (John Yocum, 2015)Excellent4h 36m (9 talks, 30 min each)
1&2 Timothy, Titus – Pastoral Epistles (John Yocum, 2015)Excellent7h 53m (16 talks, 25-40 min each)
Hebrews (Dan Keating, 2003)Excellent14h 00m (25 talks, 25-40 min each)
1 Peter (Dan Keating, 2008)Excellent5h 9m (9 talks, 25-40 min each)
2 Peter (Dan Keating, 2009)Excellent3h 44m (7 talks, 25-40 min each)
1 John (Steve Clark)Good4h 9m (6 talks, 30-45 min each)
Jude (Dan Keating, 2010)Excellent1h 45m (3 talks, 30-40 min each)
Revelation (John Yocum, 2022)Excellent10h 43m (24 talks, 20-35 min each)
Old Testament Commentaries
Deuteronomy (Mark Kinzer, 1987)Fair9h 58m (15 talks, 30-45 min each)
Psalms Course (Steve Clark, 1989)Good16h 4m (34 talks, 25-30 min each)
Isaiah (Dan Keating, 2002)Excellent19h 56m (30 talks, 30-45 min each)
Ezekiel (Dan Keating, 2020)Excellent8h 1m (15 talks, 30-35 min each)
Daniel (Mark Kinzer)Fair1h 56m (3 talks, 30-45 min each)
Minor Prophets (John Yocum, 2018)Good6h 23m (13 talks, 20-40 min each)
Jonah (Dan Keating, 2015)Excellent42 min (3 talks, 10-15 min each)
Thematic Teachings on Scripture
Abraham Series (Steve Clark, 2002)Excellent3h 4m (5 talks, 30-45 min each)
Feasts of Israel (Mark Kinzer, 1984)Excellent4h 24m (7 talks, 30-40 min each)
Old Testament Commentary (Steve Clark)Fair9h 27m (10 talks, 30-90 min each)
Old Testament in Light of the New (Steve Clark, 2012)Good11h 3m (13 talks, 50-60 min each)
Passion in Gospel of John (John Yocum, 2005)Excellent5h 42m (7 talks, 35-60 min each)
Understanding Gospel Times (Mark Kinzer)Good3h 47m (4 talks, 60 min each)
The Psalms Course
Psalms Course (Steve Clark, 1989)Excellent16h 4m (34 talks, 25-30 min each)