I Will Pour Out My Spirit

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About the book

The purpose of this book is to tell in brief the story of how God has called together Christians from many churches to form an ecumenical, charismatic community of communities based in a common covenant.

Fifty years ago, God began a new thing – calling into being communities of men and women, families and single people, who would covenant themselves together in lives of Christian love, service and mission.

This book attempts to trace the history of that work of God and show our own part in it. The book is a celebration and remembrance of what he has done.

Remembering what God has done in the past also prepares us for the next season of mission. We believe in fact that God is calling us to return in a deeper way to the roots of our beginnings – to renew our openness to the power of the Holy Spirit, to restore and deepen our call to ecumenism, to widen the tent pegs of our hearts for new mission and new relationships.

I Will Pour Out My Spirit – 50 years of God’s faithfulness is a history of covenant community in the Sword of the Spirit.

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