International Coordinators Meeting 2024

Welcome to the website for the International Coordinators Meeting.

The International Coordinators Meeting (ICM) will take place in May 2024 in San Jose, Costa Rica. The IEC hopes that as many of you as possible are planning to attend. This will be the first time we will all get together since our last ICM in 2016. The ICM is being hosted and organized by the SOS community in San Jose, Arbol de Vida.

Please return here from time to time as we will be adding more information as we get closer to the event.

Brothers, let’s keep one another in our prayers as this great event approaches.

“Father, please bless and protect all the participants, speakers and staff as we prepare for the International Coordinators Meeting. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!”

ICM Information

The ICM begins on Friday 24 May in the morning, and runs for 4 full days, finishing on Monday 27 May in the evening.  Plan to arrive on Thursday 23 May and leave on Tuesday 28 May.

The ICM is for all coordinators in the Sword of the Spirit (permanent, temporary, in training). Also invited are ordained clergy who are community members or who have a formal role for a SOS member community (such as diocesan liaison).

This also applies to Mission Directors of any well established community outreach (e.g. YPO, Couples, etc.) who are at least in their second year and for whom this is not their first significant regional or international SOS event: with the recommendation of their Senior Coordinator and the approval of the regional president.

For those who are members of the International Assembly, it will meet on Thursday 23 May, so plan to arrive on Wednesday 22 May.  Members of the Assembly are: senior coordinators of Full Member communities, regional coordinators and regional missionary coordinators (and senior coordinators of Underway B communities as Observers).

These meetings will also take place at the Wyndham Herradura Hotel, 5 minutes away from the main SJO Airport in San José, Costa Rica. They are by invitation only.

ICBCDT Meeting: Wednesday 22nd of May (participants arrive on the 21st).

International Assembly Meeting: Thursday 23rd of May (participants arrive on the 22nd)

IEC Meeting with Regional Presidents: Tuesday 28th May (participants depart on the 29th)

We will meet at the Wyndham Herradura Hotel, 5 minutes away from the main SJO Airport in San José, Costa Rica.

Arrival: ICM participants should arrive on Thursday 23 May. Your ICM Package includes sleeping arrangements for Thursday night 23 May and Breakfast on 24 May.

Those who are also coming to the International Assembly need to arrive on Wednesday 22 May. And the IA Package includes sleeping that night and breakfast the following day.

Departure: The ICM will finish on Monday 27 May in the evening. Your ICM Package includes sleeping arrangements for Monday night 27 May and Breakfast on 28 May.

If you arrive early or stay longer, we cannot offer arrangements for food and accommodations. You will need to arrange those directly with the hotel or make other arrangements elsewhere.

Airport: The nearest airport is Juan Santamaría International Airport (code SJO), 5 minutes away.

Airport Transportation: We will provide more information about this closer to the event.

For those sharing a bedroom the base fee will be $800 per person. There are some single rooms available at $1075 per person.

IA participants who will arrive a day earlier than ICM participants, will therefore need to pay an additional cost of $175 per person in a shared room or $250 in a single room.

There will also be optional day-trips on Sunday which will also have an extra cost (see details in the section below)

Cancellation: If you need to cancel, let us know and we will endeavour not to charge you.  If you cancel after 30 April, or just don’t show up, we will have to charge you a $200 cancellation fee.

Payment: Payment will be handled by region – we will bill each region, and each region will bill their communities. Your regional treasurer will contact you or your community.

There will be a variety of workshops available and it is recommended that participants register to the ones that serves the needs of their community. Participants are free to choose, but community councils may suggest to distribute their coordinators between different workshops. Please check with your Senior Coordinator before selecting your workshops.

Day 1:

Communities Growing in Commitment to Christian Unity – Jake Yap

This workshop is open to leaders of all our communities, both Catholic and ecumenical. Most if not all would subscribe to the ecumenical call of the SOS, but it is a different matter to make this a reality “on the ground.” What are challenges encountered by our Catholic communities in their local situation? Similarly, what difficulties do our ecumenical communities face? Through frank discussion and exchange of ideas, the workshop aims to build hope and stir up stronger motivation, perhaps inspire even concrete action steps for communities to implement.

Inner Healing – Peter Poppleton

The Inner Healing Presentation and Workshop will cover the different Inner Healing Principles that form the basis for the inner healing prayer engaged by the City of the Lord Community.  The ultimate goal of our inner healing prayer is always to learn to perceive Jesus, in our past, present, and future, and in our hurts, our joys, our wounds, our failures and our triumphs. The Workshop will explain the actual process of Inner Healing Prayer and invite workshop participants to enter a practicum of Inner Healing in order to assist one another in internalizing the content of the presentation.

Deliverance – Romeo Fernando

The workshop aims to heighten our pastoral awareness and duty of doing deliverance for those under our care, during the Foundational course season.  Sin contaminates and disorients our ‘tripartite’ being.  Gives the devil a legal right of entry. For fruitful deliverance to occur the Pastoral leader must prepare well and have the ability to run a “spiritual CT scan.”  

One must watch and pray  –– know how to receive an infused knowledge from the Lord, through the use of spiritual gifts.  So must the brother or sister be made conversant on how to prepare well. A well-attested list will be provided to help in making an effective prayer for deliverance. Those attending the workshop will take opposite roles to pray over each other. One prays and the other receives.

Day 3:

Prophecy – Jake Yap

The SOS strategic priority of being “renewed in our charismatic vitality” challenges us to fan into flame, cultivate, and pastor well the various gifts of the Spirit. “Earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy” (1 Cor 14:1) But how to encourage it while “testing the spirit” and pastoring the words as community leaders?

This workshop has two specific goals: to review briefly our collective wisdom over the years regarding the exercise of the prophetic gift, and to enable workshop participants to actually exercise the gift in a setting of worship and listening to the Lord.

Preaching with Power – Bobby Quitain

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” (Romans 10:14)

In the work that we do of evangelism and community-building, good preaching is essential. We need to be able to convey the Good News with deep ardor and conviction, rooted in God’s Word and sound doctrine, in order to move the hearts and minds of people closer to God. Set in the context of our mission in the Sword of the Spirit, this practical workshop aims to instruct, equip and edify the participants in the ministry of preparing and delivering good preaching given the new realities present in our world today.

Day 4

Men Working With Women in Teams – Jeff Smith

Join us for this breakout as we discuss and grow in our ability to work together on teams with women in leadership!  During this session, we will set the stage by identifying key scenarios where collaboration with our sisters is essential. We will then give a review of our principles in this area, and provide specific criteria for success. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in personal reflection and team evaluation through breakout discussion groups.

We’ll conclude with some more nuanced considerations in our work with our sisters, as well as an open forum for brothers to ask and answer questions.

We will be staying at the Wyndham Herradura Hotel. Some brothers will stay at the Hilton Doubletree hotel which is 300m away from the Wyndham.

On Sunday morning, after the Church Services, there will be a number of optional day-trips which will include lunch and transportation. It is required to choose one during registration and the additional fee will be added to the registration fee of each participant. It is possible to change your trip if you want, but you need to do this by editing your registration form before the 30th of March. There is also the option to stay at the hotel and rest (which will have no extra cost).

Below is a brief description of every tour available.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens – $85 USD

Natural park near Poas Volcano. It has five famous waterfalls and an animal sanctuary. Lunch included. See more info here.

Starbucks Alsacia Farm Coffee Tour – $70 USD

Coffee tour at Starbucks, 90 minutes tour, close to Poas Volcano and then share lunch (included) at a nearby restaurant. See more info here.

San Jose Walking Tour – $50 USD

Tour through the historic center of San Jose, learn about the history and architecture of San Jose and walk through the main streets of our capital. Includes lunch. See more info here.

Poás Volcano – $60 USD

Tour to see active Poas Volcano, 2697m high, see one of the largest craters in the world ( to see the crater depends on the weather) and then share lunch (included) at a nearby restaurant. See more info here.

Barva Volcano Hike (advanced) – $65 USD

For the youngest and most daring brothers, this tour includes a 90-minute hike in the forest with a guide. Includes lunch in a nearby hotel. See more info here.

Cartago City and Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels – $50 USD

Visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels in Cartago, former capital of Costa Rica. Includes lunch at a nearby lookout point. See more info here.

Stay at the hotel – Free

Relax at the hotel and have lunch at the Conference Center as usual. You can use all the hotel’s amenities (gym, pool, etc.) See more info here.

This link will take you to the registration form:

Due date for registration will be the 30th of March. Please fill out your form before that date. You can add more details afterwards.

We regret that we cannot host or provide accommodation for wives or other family members who may be travelling with you.  Of course you are free to arrange hotel accommodation for them if you wish.

If you need an invitation letter for Visa purposes please provide the following information (for each of the coordinators needing a letter) to Marvin Bravo, the Conference Manager in Costa Rica. His email address is: You can check if you need a visa to enter Costa Rica by looking up your nationality in this list: Visas by Nationality.

  • Name (as it appears on the passport)
  • Country issuing the passport
  • Home address
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Is there a deadline you need to meet?
  • Will your country take a PDF letter?  (Almost all countries take a signed PDF) We will email you a signed PDF unless you tell us that the Costa Rican embassy in your country requires an original signed letter; it costs $50 for us to mail you an original signed letter by FedEx.”

Temperatures in May are normally around 20 to 29 degrees Celsius (68 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit), but can be cooler and warmer than this, and will likely rain: come prepared for everything!

These meetings are being hosted and organized by brothers and sisters from the Árbol de Vida Community. Please pray for them as they prepare for the Conference.