Year: 2016

High School Mission Trips

Over the summer, Kairos organized two high-school mission trips to Agua Prieta, Mexico. A team of young men and a team of young women spent ten days each tearing down an old shanty and building a block and brick house for a Mexican family…

Bringing Our Friends to Know Christ

The Holy Spirit has been on the move among the members of the People of Hope over the past two years in the area of introducing people to Christ.

Kairos Fellowship

Kairos Fellowship, the North American Region’s adventure program for junior-high boys, organized two trips this past summer: a challenging hike through the Rocky Mountains.

The Gap That God Chose for Me

“I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land (Ezekiel 22:30).”

Asia’s Youth: Beacons of Light

The Lord has been busy in Asia. A hundred young people, inspired by the work of God at last year’s Asia Kairos Youth Conference in Manila, gathered in Penang, Malaysia, this July for Kairos Malaysia 2016. They sought to fan the Lord’s flame into a great fire.

Meditating on God’s Word

Don Schwager, editor of the Daily Scripture Readings and Meditations, provides an example of how to drink in the words of the Lord, and gives us an opportunity to consider our own inner disposition.

The Dalej Conference – Arise and Build!

Organized by Kairos in the Europe and Middle East Region of the Sword of the Spirit, Dalej brought together young people from across Europe and the world. Some 480 people of 40 nationalities gathered in H20 conference centre in the Polish town of Kiczyce 23-28 July.

Only Live Armies Win Battles: Pastoral Priorities in a Secular Age

How can pastoral leaders and pastoral workers help Christians stay alive spiritually as Christians in an increasingly hostile culture? Steve Clark, a leader in the Sword of the Spirit, considers pastoral priorities in a secular age.

A Dubliner at the International Coordinators Meeting

Over the last 12 years the Lord has spoken strongly to the Sword of the Spirit about an open door for mission and a special season of grace, especially for the young people in Sword of the Spirit. Given the increasing difficulties and challenges which Christians face around the world – religious persecution, drift from Christian morality, and breakdown of marriage and family life – there has been a growing sense of urgency among Sword of the Spirit leaders to work more closely together internationally to strengthen the work of building Christian communities and preparing community members to be fully engaged in mission.