On November 3rd ETA hit the coast of Honduras and Nicaragua as a category 4 hurricane. Four days of intensive rains flooded many cities and villages mainly in the north coast, and caused devastating damages to the agricultural and manufacturing industry. 

Our communities in those countries were impacted by them.

In the case of Fortaleza de Dios, is located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and five of our community families suffered serious losses due to the floods. We thank God that they were able to evacuate their homes in time, however they have lost most of their belongings.

The five families who suffered material losses will remain living in homes of community members for an undetermined period of time. First, streets are covered with mud and debris and need to be cleared. Second, homes will have to be cleaned completely and house structures checked. Third, there will probably be some restrictions to move in from the local government to prevent the spread of illnesses (malaria, dengue, etc).

The video below shows several scenes of the floods and damages caused by ETA.

We ask for your prayers for our brothers and sisters in Honduras and Nicaragua.

Cover photo of the floods near San Pedro Sula, Honduras