The origins

The Servants of the Lord Community in Singapore started in 1986 when a group of young graduates from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI, U.S.A returned to Singapore after finishing their studies. They met through University Christian Outreach  (the campus outreach arm of the local Sword of the Spirit community)  where they got to see and experience community life.

That year, the first group of returning graduates formed a men’s small group to support each other. Over a short period of four years, many more returned and continued to be involved in community building.

The growth of the community

The community, which originally consisted of single men, was ecumenical from the start, although it was predominantly Protestants. However, in 1988, some members from the Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group of the National University of Singapore joined the group. As a result, the ecumenical composition of the community is fairly balanced.

The group started to grow progressively as the men began having families of their own. In the early years of formation, they received regular visitations by brothers from the Servants of the Word. In later years, The Servants of the Lord receives most of their support from Ligaya ng Panginoon in the Philippines.

Many multi-national companies operating in Singapore bring in many employees from many countries. Because of this, the members of The Servants of the Lord are also of various nationalities. Some of them are temporary members. They will return to their country once their job posting is completed.

The Servants of the Lord currently has around 100 members including children. It is a very lively and active community.

You can keep in touch with them by following their Facebook page.
Philip Lim is a leader of The Servants of the Lord in Singapore.

Servants of the Lord Singapore Youth