Year: 2015

Homeward Bound: But Where Are We Headed?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about “home” – the place for which we long, and believe that if we reach, we’ll finally be satisfied – our heart’s destination.

Bethany Association Meets

“Hear, O Daughter . . . Listen to Me” was the theme of the Bethany Association Conference held in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, in August of this year to seek the Lord together and worship him.

Spirit of Christ Community

Community members in Jacksonville FL, USA, strive daily to be radical disciples of Christ.

Joy in the Face of Death

A school teacher speaks words of faith just days before his martyrdom at the hands of the Nazis.

Aim at Heaven with All Your Strength

The God of life is a personal God and only when man enters into the dialogue with him does he begin to realize his dreams. In this conversation he learns the fundamental principles of his being-adoration, veneration, love, trust. Anything undertaken on a plane lower than this dialogue, no matter how much zeal and sincerity and devotion go into it, is in the end incomplete. Adoration is the road that leads man to himself.

The People of Advent

Never have I entered on Advent so vitally and intensely alert as I am now.