A few days ago, in the Genesis Country House in the meadows of Bogota, Colombia and after many months of not gathering, the Lord offered us the possibility to get the whole community together again: we got to pray, to celebrate, eat and laugh together, to re-familiarize ourselves with each other and for some of us, to consecrate what we had been longing for a long while and that was delayed by the pandemic.

In this meeting, a group of brothers and sisters did their public community to the El Gozo del Señor Community. This was the first group to ever do a public commitment in this community. The public commitment is a promise to live the community’s way of life for the rest of our lives.

With our “forever”, the El Gozo del Señor Community extends the tents of the Sword of the Spirit even more in this holy and blessed land the Lord has given us as a misión field.

We would like to honor those who have helped in our formation: Nestor and Gloriangeles Argüello, Mario Rodríguez, and, during the last few years, Efraín Calderón and Lilliana Rodriguez de Perez. God will know how to recompense you for all your love and service.

Efrain Calderón from the Arbol de Vida Community addressing us at our gathering

Rejoice with us for the Lord has done great things for us and we are glad!

Jorge H. Quintero Sánchez
Senior Coordinator
El Gozo del Señor Community
Bogotá, Colombia

El Gozo del Señor Community in Bogotá, Colombia