The second International Community Leaders conference organized by Charis took place on October 10 to 12 in Rome. Jean Barbara, the SOS president gave the opening talk on the “Essentials of a Charismatic Community” based on the SOS experience. Tony Laureys, the SOS Europe and Middle East regional president gave one of the other five presentations on Family Life and Intergenerational Community as lived in the SOS.

The conference was attended by 200 community leaders from more that 75 countries. You can read the outlines of all the presentations on the Charis Website here.

Charis is an international service for the needs of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. It serves prayer groups, communities and other charistmatic realities. Its mission is to promote baptism in the Holy Spirit, Christian unity and service to the poor.

The Sword of the Spirit has registered as a community in Charis. Charis promotes “the ecumenical dimension of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal” and ask to “foster the commitment to serving the unity of all the Christians” (Charis Statutes, art. 3f). This is why an Ecumenical Community can be registered by CHARIS as a community. You can read more about Charis’ work with communities and check other communities registered in Charis here.

The first International Community Leaders conference happened in Brazil three in January 2020 and there were three presentations by Sword of the Spirit members Jean Barbara, Marie-Therese Barbara and David Mijares. You can read those here.

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