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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2023

Daily Content Introduction Dear Brothers and Sisters, As we have done in years past, we as the Sword of the Spirit want to observe the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity as a special time to focus on praying, “that they all may be one.” In praying for all our Christian brothers and sisters and […]

Living in the Last Days

The following brief commentary from the First Letter of Peter, Chapter 4 is lightly edited with permission of the author, Dr. Daniel Keating, from his book, Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture: 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude, published by Baker Academic, 2011. While it was written from a Roman Catholic perspective, the material can be beneficial […]

Maranatha! – Come, Lord Jesus!

– by Don Schwager The expression “Maranatha!” was a key watchword and prayer among the early Christians. It is an Aramaic word which is a combination of two words “marana – tha” which literally mean “the Lord comes” or in the imperative case “Come, Lord!” Paul the Apostle used this Aramaic word at the end […]

200 Coordinators from Asia were Renewed in the Spirit

This year (2022) has been a year of great blessing for coordinators all across the Sword of the Spirit who had their Regional Coordinators Conference. The Asian region had their retreat from the 22nd to the 25th of September in the Philippines. There were 200 coordinators from the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Singapore, 7 brothers from […]

Articles for Advent and Christmas

Advent is a season of hope, a season of waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ as a child (which we celebrate in Christmas) and his second coming that will establish His Kingdom. During Advent we also remember that we are pilgrims in this world and just passing by, but our true home […]

Sword of the Spirit Leaders Speak at Charis International Conference for Community Leaders

The second International Community Leaders conference organized by Charis took place on October 10 to 12 in Rome. Jean Barbara, the SOS president gave the opening talk on the “Essentials of a Charismatic Community” based on the SOS experience. Tony Laureys, the SOS Europe and Middle East regional president gave one of the other five presentations on […]

150 Coordinators From Ibero-America Gathered in Costa Rica

Between the 9th and the 12th of June, 2022, 150 Coordinators from the Ibero-American Region gathered in Costa Rica for the Regional Coordinators Conference to talk about the 3 Strategic Priorities and to participate on the Power from on High retreat. The conference began with a session to honor Chale Mantica for all he did […]

Europe & Middle East Regional Coordinators Conference

In May 2022, the first Regional Coordinators Conference took place – in Istanbul, Turkey, for the European and Middle Eastern Region – to launch the three Strategic Priorities and the Power from on High retreat. The conference lasted three days, from the 20th to the 24th of May, and nearly 100 coordinators from the EME […]

A new semester in Brazil

Iniciamos nuestro segundo semestre y el Espíritu del Señor está actuando entre nosotros, con profecías y visiones en nuestros grupos pastorales y en nuestra primera asamblea. Bendito sea el nombre del Señor. También hemos tenido nuestra reunión de Consejo y reunión con Fernando Nascimento de Grupo Alpha Brasil y el Padre Luís Fernando Soares, de […]

Do It Grandly Seminar

Grandly is a project Kairos started in North America that equips grandparents to pass on their faith to their grandchildren by equipping them to do “youth work!” Grandly just launched the “Do It Grandly”online seminar. You can register and learn how to more effectively pass on your faith to your grandchildren by taking the seminar […]