– by Raúl Ríos

In order to be better prepared to respond to current realities, Incienso de Dios (Xalapa, Mexico) and 6 other communities held the “Power from on High” retreat where more than 300 brothers and sisters gathered at Casa de la Iglesia “Nuestra Señora de la Paz”, on March 25th and 26th, 2023.

It was a blessed weekend where the Lord manifested the great love he has for each and every one of his children. We were truly able to experience his power and see his grace being poured out on all the attendees. It was a renewal of the manifestation of the charisms that characterize us, especially on this occasion with the gift of the word of knowledge putting into action the power of the Holy Spirit through physical, emotional and spiritual healing; promoting reconciliation among brethren; and confirming the call to live as a community of disciples on mission.

The speakers were Rodolfo Galván, President of the Mexico Zone of the Sword of the Spirit, and Rafael Cuenca, coordinator of the Emmanuel Community (Cali, Colombia). In the retreat, besides the brethren from Xalapa, there were representatives from sister communities of La Sagrada Familia (Veracruz), Mar Adentro (Puebla), Luz Eterna (Querétaro), Misericordia de Dios (Zitácuaro), Siloé (San Miguel de Allende) and Cuerpo de Cristo (Dominican Republic).

Gathered together to praise and bless our God, were young people from middle and high school, university students, young professionals and more than 100 couples. A glorious weekend in which the Lord has enabled us to announce his wonders and proclaim his word with power from on high.

We ask the Lord to continue to renew the life of our families and to multiply his blessings in the different communities in the Sword of the Spirit so that together we may advance in the proclamation of the gospel.

Raúl Ríos is a member of the Incienso de Dios community in Xalapa, México