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Community of Christ the Redeemer: Taking the Call Seriously

The community of Christ the Redeemer has its origins in a prayer meeting that started at a youth center in St. Paul in the fall of 1972. From its very origin the community of Christ the Redeemer has had a strong orientation to bringing youth and young adults closer to Christ, which has been both a great blessing and a great challenge –striving to keep the overall vision and call in its rightful balance.

The Call of Charis

From the very beginning of the charismatic renewal in Northern Ireland, the Holy Spirit worked to bring Christians from different denominations together, and in the autumn of 1972 charismatic prayer meetings began in West Belfast and Queens University Belfast.

A Boa Nova in Lisbon – A Senior Citizens Start-up

The A Boa Nova Community was founded in 1989 by 4 couples from the Ex-Portuguese Colonies, mainly Mozambique. The couples all belonged to the same Catholic Couples chairing Group and all felt they needed something more. A way of life that involved in living a more committed day to day way of life. Our community didn’t start like many other communities with youth groups or young couples etc. It started with four retired couples who belonged to a movement for Couples “ Our Lady of Charity” in their sixties and their search for something more than just their sharing of faith.

La Ciudad de Dios – The Lord is Calling me to Build a Wall

Early in 1975 the Lord began speaking to Carlos Mantica about building a wall. Of course, he had no idea what that meant.

The People of God community in Beirut – Called for These Times

When the People of God community first began in Lebanon, its members did not know they were about to be plunged into a civil war that would decimate their country and threaten their lives. The encouragement they received from other Christian communities made it possible for the members of this community to stay in Lebanon and survive the 15-year war, helping to maintain hope and vision for the future. Now the community is playing an important role in revitalization of the local Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Families for Christ Community – in Vancouver

In the early 1990s, a few couples who had moved to Canada from the Philippines came together to form an informal prayer group. Sensing the need for a more formal direction, in September 1993, the group went on a pilgrimage to a Catholic pilgrimage site in Portland, Oregon, for a whole day of prayer and spiritual discernment. Having been soaked in the Spirit, a prophecy surfaced, “Before you bring the good news of salvation to others, start with your own families. You are my family in Vancouver. You are families for Christ.” It was then that they decided to adopt the name “Families for Christ Community.”

Our community in Aleppo in the midst of war

– By Andre Codouni, a member of the People of God, one of our communities in Beirut Early February 2016. The man and his wife, both leaders in the community Emmanuel, had left Aleppo for a couple of weeks to be with their daughter as she gave birth far from the insecurity of the city. Now […]